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The smartest solution

to maximize your
campaign efforts.

What will I do with Inleven?

  • Create short links
  • Retargeting
  • Share links and
    measure their results

Create, shorten
and personalize

your links.

How do I start?

Create a link

  • Go to our dashboard and select the “Create link” option.
  • As you complete the UTM fields, at the bottom you’ll see the tracking URL.
  • When it’s ready, click “Save”.

Share your link!

  • In the Dashboard, when creating a link, you must fill all the spaces with the requested information.
  • At the end, you’ll get the preview of the link which you can copy and paste where you want.
  • Subsequently, you must click at the bottom of the screen “Save and share” to share your link.

Receive links

  • You allies will receive the link and must accept it.
  • Visualize and track your shared links in a table.
  • Detail the links you have received.

The faster the growth
of your brand, the more you will need

a better plan to continue optimizing!


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